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Marine Mammal Science

Mar 27, 2021

Guest Cara Gallagher teaches us about an agent-based energy budget model she developed for harbor #porpoises to investigate seasonality in the vulnerability of their populations to underwater noise.

Cara Gallagher an ecological modeller who is finishing up her PhD at Aarhus University

Mar 20, 2021

This week’s episode is the last of 3 episodes with Dr. Thomas Jefferson. In this episode, Ashley and Tom talk about how his research on the Finless Porpoises came about and the ground-breaking research on the habitats and ranges of the cetacean species in Hong Kong.

Mar 13, 2021

This week’s episode is is the 2nd of 3 episodes with Dr Thomas Jefferson. In this episode  Ashley and Tom talk about Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins and the importance of some ground-breaking research on this species.

Mar 6, 2021

Dr. Ashley Scarlett welcomes Dr. Thomas A. Jefferson to the podcast to talk about marine mammals, especially dolphins and porpoises. In this episode, Tom talks about the state of the critically endangered porpoise, the Vaquita, that is endemic to the Sea of Cortez. 

The Vaquita get caught in gillnets that are targeting...