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Marine Mammal Science

Jul 3, 2021

This week’s guest is the Chief Scientist of the Pacific Whale Foundation Jens Currie. He talks about modelling anthropogenic and environmental impacts on whale and dolphin populations

Nov 21, 2020

Dr. Ashley Scarlett has a wide-ranging discussion with Fabien Ritter from the history of whale watching in La Gomera, to the organization M.E.E.R. Their discussion covers topics on sustainable whale-watching, ship strikes, and the International Whaling Commission.

M.E.E.R Website:

Speak Up...

Jul 2, 2020

Dr Chris Parsons chats to Dr Gianna Minton about her career change from teaching to travelling around the world researching whales & dolphins in Oman, Malaysia, Gabon and Europe. Most recently she's been writing the International Whaling Commission's new Whale-Watching Handbook: a fantastic online resource for tourists,...

Jan 2, 2020

Dr. Chris Parsons talks to Alicia Schuler about her research on the impacts of whale-watching in Juneau, Alaska, on both the whales that are being observed and the positive impacts that whale-watching can have on human tourists and their interest in marine conservation.

They also talk about US Government and NGO efforts...